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GSA Application Assistance

GSA Schedules were created to allow Government Buyers a quick easy way to purchase goods and service they need on an ongoing basis to run the country! 


When one of our trained Consultants reaches out to your firm it has to do with the industry you are in and typically your socio-economic status.  We facilitate the process for companies like yours to obtain a GSA Schedule Contract and see you through your successful journey.


The US Government first and foremost operates as a business, obtaining the goods and services they need every day from companies just like yours.  The Government is omnivorous in that they purchase everything from a paperclip to an aircraft carrier and everything in between,  They continuously need vendors that are able to take on those orders.  The Government spends on average 1.4 billion dollars a day and they must spend every penny, or they lose it.  So now why wouldn't you want to do business with the Government.  



GSA manages more than 25% of the government’s total contracting dollars and negotiates contracts that account for $40 billion dollars' worth of goods and services bought annually from the private sector. The following are some of the organizations that currently purchase from the GSA Schedule:

  • – All federal and executive agencies.

  • – Most Department of Defense agencies.

  • – Government contractors authorized to spend federal dollars, such as fixed- price contractors that purchase security equipment.

  • – Some institutions, such as Howard University and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, and international organizations.

  • – State and local agencies that are eligible to participate in cooperative purchasing, disaster recovery purchasing, and some law enforcement purchases

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